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How To Do Up Your Home Office Space

How To Do Up Your Home Office Space

Office set up and design has been known to amplify performance and rightfully so. Not only does one feel more charged up and ready to take the day, head on with a good, professional set up, but also it is an environment where one has to let his/her creative juices flow. When the pandemic started, and work from home became a reality, all of us graduated from working from the bedroom to choosing nooks of our houses and sprucing up the space a little to make the environment more office-like to work from. Let’s be real, 6 out of 10 times, we feel like logging in from the comfort of our beds and starting our day. But what if we told you that we can help you create a space which is comfortable, alluring, practical and exclusively for your work needs. Even with offices opening today, the work from home trend has set precedence and there is no looking back. Anyone from a guy working in the corporate, to a blogger, or a freelancer needs a home office today. Your work space doesn’t have to be extra fancy or anything. Minimal, purposeful and comfortable and you are all set to bring in your A-game to your work. When you are more focused on getting work done, office space becomes a last priority. However, we are here to tell you why setting up a welcoming look and feel to your space should be one of your top goals. A dedicated office tremendously helps one to increase productivity. No one wants to sit and mull over the same thing for an hour when it can be done in 15 minutes. Not only will you feel more organized and increase your productivity by leaps and bounds, but you will also look forward to meeting your goals for the day.

But where does one begin? Don’t worry, we have got your back. To make things easy for you, we have a little guide which will help you in doing just that. No matter how big or small your space is, we have got you covered.

To get things into perspective, the setting of a home office has some very foundational building blocks – which is to make it simple, functional, but also, extremely appealing. How does one achieve that?

Let’s start with the basics –

Theme- The idea is to create a zone where you can derive inspiration from. We suggest a neutral or soft pastel coloured theme to set the tone of the office space. Whatever base colour you choose to work with, can establish your subsequent elements. What better way than to work with something that is basic or neutral, like beige, white or grey, so that elements of a bright colour family like red, pink or blue can be added to give it a pop of color.

Essentials- Once you have decided what colors you are working with, it is time to understand what all are some necessities that need to be in and around your work desk. Things like a planner, some basic stationery, a bottle of water, maybe a coaster for your morning cup of coffee (and subsequent cups, if you are like us), a paper waste basket and a tray to keep any other essentials.

Clutter Prevention- One of our most important tips is to ensure that your space is as clutter-free as possible. A cluttered space can hamper your thoughts and can affect the work being produced by you, which is the last thing you want. This multi-utility holder by ICHKAN can prove to be a game-changer in terms of storing your stationery. The five compartments can fit your pens, highlighters and other related products. The middle compartment can also fit in your planner which you can use to strategize your daily tasks and use as easy reference to plan your entire week or month. With its rotatable bottom, the holder is easy to access and can hold all your necessary stationery.

Personalized and tailored to your needs- Once your themes and essentials are sorted and all your products are arranged in a way that feels organized, it is time to make your space a little personalized. You have to feel welcomed in the space and what better way than to tailor it keeping in mind your specific needs. If you are someone who enjoys a scented candle, or like a little bit greenery around you at all times, we urge you to invest in this tray. You can set up this tray with a candle, a small potted planter, or even a clock. The tray can also fit other things you might need, like a lip balm, a hair tie, maybe some nuts for a quick snack, and the like. Placing the tray on the table and keeping these things in them instead of them being casually strewn in your work space can make the whole set up look more put together and organized.

Cleanliness- Once you have set up a space, the only thing that is essential is to ensure that the space is easy to clean. No one likes coffee cup rims on the table, so it would be a good idea to keep a coaster or two. These ones are easy to clean and don’t leave behind any dirty stains, so you can enjoy your beverages without being worried about spillage. A tissue box can be a great addition to the table to have easy access to tissues, if need be. It would also be a great idea to place a waste basket next to your work space to get rid of any waste being produced. Remember to use a waste basket that is a similar tone as the rest of the office space and not one that is loud and overpowers the room. You can try investing in this one by ICHKAN for a simple and classy dry waste disposal system.


Additional elements- If you are someone who needs constant motivation, you can use printable quotes from Pinterest in the same color family as your other accessories to go with the vibe of the space. You can get these quotes framed by your local vendor and hang them on the wall to make the space look livelier and inviting. If you love the neutral vibe, you can go for some macrame wall hangings, or meshed metal boards and add printed quotes and pictures on that using paper clips.

The goal is to make your space feel like your own and for it to feel comfortable and professional at the same time. We would love to see you use our products and ideas and if you do, please share them with us at our Instagram by tagging us in your posts and stories. We hope we helped you create an innovative and inspired space which enables your competence and makes you feel calm, relaxed yet powerful!

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