ICHKAN stands for ‘something beautiful’ and we are here to augment the homeware industry and make our thing of beauty, your joy forever.


    Every great design starts with an even better story. With this vision, we at ICHKAN, create unique homeware pieces which tell tales of our diverse and rich Indian heritage. We strive to bring the charm of the old world and combine it with modern design and upcoming trends. We take inspiration from stories of our heritage and translate them into elegant and alluring home décor. We meticulously curate each piece so that it finds a place in your home and gives you a taste of our culture and craft.

    We believe design is a language and so we started our business with some of the best artisans in the industry, with the idea of showcasing great designs and craftsmen from all over the country, to make every design heard. Each of our products is ingeniously made and requires a special skill set, and we ensure that we bring forth designs from all over the country to provide you with an extensive range of unique products. We, at ICHKAN, also take pride in our sustainable product development.

    • Apoorva

      Futuristic approach Apoorva, always thinking about next week, next task or talking about next 2 years. She has given more thought about it than President of any country. A classic over thinker, who will deviate from the current task, because her mind is in super sonic speed. Her mind’s agility gives meaning to the phrase “ catch me if you can”.

    • Deeksha

      An extremist when it comes to her aesthetics; either totally minimalistic or impressively bold. She prefers stories and experiences over netflix and chill. And if someday she disappears, we can assure you that you can find her sitting near a bonfire, staring at stars; somewhere offbeat.

    • Soumya

      Soumya is a modern personality with a classic soul. She lives by "work hard, party harder" and her uncanny inspirations might take you to the world undiscovered. She will compromise her sleep as she is a certified workoholic, but not her soul cleansing walk with her earphones.

    • Ravi

      One will always see him laughing even while being swamped with work. If bored, just go sit beside him, he will entertain you and maybe get some Chhole-Kulche, if you are lucky. Being our Sales and Operation Manager, he might also randomly ask you to sell him a pen, so come prepared.