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Mug Set 2pc with Gift Box | Grey | Grey Legacy

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Unveil the allure of Grey Legacy with our Mug Set, a symphony of regal design and modern sophistication. Encased in a luxurious box, each porcelain mug is a canvas of intricate motifs depicting Indian traditional art on pristine canvas. The serene grey hue adds a contemporary touch, enhancing the lustrous finish that reflects opulence with every sip. Beyond a mere beverage accessory, this set is a piece of art. Elevate your moments and make a lasting impression with Grey Legacy Mug Set—a brilliant gifting option that combines heritage and contemporary style, transforming every occasion into a celebration of elegance.



Dimension / Composition

2 x Mugs: 74mm x 93.5mm

Care Instructions

1) Hand washing is recommended for all ceramic items with normal detergent.
2) Dishwasher safe: Run through the entire dishwasher cycle including the dry cycle on a warm temperature and allow them to cool naturally.
3) Not microwave and oven safe: Pieces with metallic glaze details are real gold or silver, which should not be microwaved.
4) Be careful to avoid temperature-shocking ceramics from extreme hot to cold.