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33 pc Dinner set | Green | Isabella Gold

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Subtle sophistication blooms at your table with the Isabella Gold porcelain dinner set. Inspired by unfurling petals, 33 elegant ivory pieces for 6 people come brushed with delicate golden accents, celebrating imperfection’s poetry through minimalist lines honed by generations of artisans. Here, cherished rituals of breaking bread become acts of beauty, connection and restoration. We craft durability from fragility to weather thousands of lively conversations circling your table. Sketches inspired by fleeting moments of wonder in nature find new life setting a mindful stage for laughter over life’s subtle marvels now within reach. Let our leaf-shaped plates or low botanical bowls bloom joyful reflection at every meal.




Dimension / Composition

6 x dinner plate: 266.5mm | 6 x quarter plate: 207mm | 1 x oval platter: 350mm | 6 x veggie bowl: 104mm | 2 x salad bowl: 236mm | 6 x soup bowl:116mm | 6 x soup spoon

Care Instructions

1) Hand washing is recommended for all ceramic items with normal detergent.
2) Dishwasher safe: Run through the entire dishwasher cycle including the dry cycle on a warm temperature and allow them to cool naturally.
3) Not microwave and oven safe: Pieces with metallic glaze details are real gold or silver, which should not be microwaved.
4) Be careful to avoid temperature-shocking ceramics from extreme hot to cold.