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Leatherette Rectangle Serving Tray Large | Dark Brown | Willow

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Introduce an air of enchantment to your space with the Willow Tray—an exquisite creation that seamlessly blends the natural allure of rattan and the sophistication of leatherette. Crafted with precision by our finest artisans, this tray becomes a statement piece, elevating your experience with its unique combination of materials. The meticulously woven rattan surface adds a touch of organic charm, while the leatherette accents bring a sense of modern elegance. The tray's edges, adorned with golden detailing, impart a subtle opulence. Immerse yourself in the artistry of the Willow Tray, where the fusion of rattan, leatherette, and golden accents creates a stylish and captivating addition to your home.




Dimension / Composition

16" x 11" x 2.5"

Care Instructions

1) Do not wash or soak.
2) Always handle lites of glass one at a time.
3) Always use clean gloves when handling decorative glass products.
4) Keep away from sharp objects to prevent scratches.
5) Wipe clean using a soft, damp cloth. Dust with a soft dry cloth.